7 smart ways to save fuel on the road from the south

Tip #1. don’t drive

They write on the Internet that if you drive at a speed of more than 80-90 km / h, the fuel consumption will increase in a “heliometric progression”.

The fact is that “heliometry” refers to the so-called Newspeak. There are many pseudoscientific terms on the internet right now, and this one is just consistent with both economics and the sun.

In the warm season, fuel consumption is always lower than in winter, because there is no need to warm up the engine and skid through snowdrifts. But even in summer you want to save on gas stations, so it’s better to stick to the recommended speed limit.

The optimal fuel consumption of modern cars is at a speed of 90-100 km/h.

Council number 2. Fuel

It is believed that in the heat, instead of the 95th gasoline, you can safely refuel with the 92nd. In turn, auto experts recommend filling in high-octane 98th in the summer, and they’ll be right. The fact is that this gasoline helps reduce detonation.

A natural question arises: where is the savings? Most likely, we can talk about deferred savings here. The life of the engine is extended and there is no need to spend money on repairs so quickly.

And more about fuel. Searching for the cheapest gas station can void your engine warranty. In the event of a breakdown, the dealer will first carry out a fuel check. And the result of the check may not be in your best interest if low-quality fuel is found in the tank.

Council number 3. wheels

If you do not practice driving in swampy areas, you can increase the tire pressure by a few tenths. You don’t save litres, but you do count on a few percent.

Remember that underinflated tires will perform worse in an emergency. For example, the slippage may start a little earlier and develop more quickly than at the recommended pressure.

Tip number 4. Windows, air conditioning and travel time

Of course it is good to drive in the heat with the windows open or the air conditioning on. However, this has nothing to do with fuel consumption.

To reduce fuel consumption, it is recommended to turn off the climate control and close the windows, leaving a small gap for ventilation. The air conditioning compressor will not draw power from the engine and covered windows will not affect aerodynamics.

Well, to be comfortable, it is best to choose the time to travel when the heat subsides. For example, there are no traffic jams at night and fuel consumption will be lower. It is not without reason that summer residents try to go early in the morning or closer to the night.

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