The pilot landed the falling plane on a busy highway (video)

The incident took place on a highway in one of California’s counties. The light-engined plane landed on a highway and caught fire.

The moment of the accident was captured on a camera installed in a car traveling in the same lane.

The plane quickly lost speed. But the pilot managed to choose a relatively free stretch of a busy highway. However, during a hard landing, the portal writes car evolutionthe plane hit another truck with three passengers.

A passenger was also in the cockpit with the pilot at the time of the incident. Thanks to the correct actions of the pilot, the accident was without casualties. None of the participants suffered serious injuries.

pilot Andrew Choss said that at a time when the engine cut out, he was already descending to land at the airport. The car came to a complete stop at an altitude of 6-8 kilometers.

He also noted that the skills he practiced during training helped him make an emergency landing.

  • “Driving” can be read in viber.

Photo, video: YouTube

Source: Z R


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