AvtoVAZ plans to resume production of Lada Niva Travel from August 18

The Russian company AvtoVAZ can resume production of all-terrain vehicles Lada Niva Travel from August 18. About informs Publicly available on the VKontakte social network “Atypical AvtoVAZ”.

According to the public, Niva Travel will return to production with almost no simplifications. So the SUV will have airbags and ABS system. It is also possible for the model to receive the ERA-GLONASS module.

Technically, the SUV won’t change. The vehicle will be equipped with a 1.7-liter gasoline engine with 80 horsepower. and a five-speed manual transmission. The driver is complete.

Formerly AvtoVAZ announced About the start of sales of the Lada Niva Legend SUV in the new Classic configuration of the 2022 model year. The cost of the car is 647,600 rubles. taking into account the preferential loan program or 796,500 rubles. without using it.

Source: Gazeta


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