What do foreigners think of the novelty of AvtoVAZ

AVTOVAZ presented its first electric car as a prototype. The technical basis of the Lada e-Largus is the age-old Dacia Logan MCV, writes the German edition of Auto, Motor und Sport.

The first generation Dacia Logan MCV is an indestructible car. While the model disappeared from the new car market in Europe in 2013, the inexpensive station wagon lives on in Russia as the Lada Largus. Moreover, he even had an “electric” future there.

That is, AVTOVAZ has set itself the task of electrifying the car platform created in 2004, which was originally designed only for cars with internal combustion engines. Not an easy task, but as explained, the manufacturer wants to distribute the electronic components in the chassis in such a way that they all fit in the end. Part of the battery pack is located at the rear of the underbody, the rest is located in the center tunnel and under the hood.

AvtoVAZ has not yet provided technical data, but the battery does not seem too capacious. Despite this, Russian media mention a possible range of up to 400 kilometers. Because the technical basis is by no means electrically optimized, this looks unrealistic.

Due to the very limited information currently available on the e-Largus, it’s hard to believe that it will hit the market anytime soon. AVTOVAZ announced that next year Russian roads will leave a test batch of electric car prototypes. This means that the production version of the Lada E-Largus may not be released before 2024. They are planning both a regular station wagon with a five- and seven-seater saloon and a van without rear windows.

What do foreigners think of the novelty of AvtoVAZ

AvtoVAZ struggles to maintain car production despite Western sanctions. Cars that roll off the assembly line lack many safety and comfort features due to missing parts. Against this background, it does not seem realistic that the manufacturer will soon produce an electric model, as it has little or no experience in making such technologies, the paper writes. Everything could be faster and easier if Chinese partners came to the aid of the Russian manufacturer. In any case, along with the electric car in Russia, he will also have to build a charging infrastructure. Such a network is currently still in its infancy.

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