Plastic car parts are made in Togliatti. And not just for AVTOVAZ

In addition to AVTOVAZ, a domestic supplier of components will appear, Devon news agency reported with reference to Glavgosexpertiza.

The production of plastic components and assemblies for the domestic automotive industry will take place in the industrial park of the Togliatti Special Economic Zone.

The resident’s products will meet international quality standards, and it is planned to supply components to the largest Russian factories, including AVTOVAZ.

Plans are to produce 5 million units there by 2028. plastic accessories.

The surface area of ​​the new production building will be 4,500 square meters. m. An electronic competition for the construction of a new facility has already been announced. The price of the contract is 242.7 million rubles, and the winning bidder must complete construction and installation works by the end of September 2022.


The Togliatti Special Economic Zone was established in 2010. Today it consists of more than 30 inhabitants, including manufacturers of car parts.

Source: Z R


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