New Russian model gets road approval

Motorinvest has received a Vehicle Type Approval (OTTS) for the Evolute i-Joy crossover. This is a kind of admission to the public road – buyers of a crossover can register a car with the traffic police.

“The planned date for the start of production of EVOLUTE i-Joy at the Motorinvest plant in the Lipetsk region is Q3. 2022,” the company said in a statement.

Despite its compact dimensions (the model is similar in size to) Hyundai Crete), the new crossover will have a powerful engine and an impressive power reserve. In addition, it will become possible to charge an electric car relatively quickly. Here are the features of i-Joy provided by Motorinvest (no other information yet):

“The electric car will be equipped with a 130 kW/176 hp electric motor. / 225 Nm with a range of 405 km (indicators according to the NEDC test cycle), a 53 kW battery and fast charging via the CCS-2 connector from 30 to 80% in 30 minutes.

The original model is the Chinese electric crossover DFSK Glory E3

The original model is the Chinese electric crossover DFSK Glory E3

13 billion rubles will be invested in the production of Evolute electric vehicles over 11 years. In total, the plant in the Lipetsk region will produce five models: a sedan, a minivan and three crossovers. More than 100,000 electric vehicles roll off the production line every year.

There is no information about the cost yet, but Motorinvest plans to present the crossover very soon – at the end of August 2022. The sale is planned for this fall.

Source: Z R


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