The future of taxis in Russia has become known

During the X International Eurasian Taxi Forum, which took place in Moscow, the main directions for the development of the taxi industry for the coming years were determined.

  • This is primarily an increase in safety, including a decrease in the number of accidents involving passenger taxis. This work will be carried out together with the supervisors. The need for this work is due to statistics: in 2021 alone there were 3,700 taxi accidents in Russia, in which 149 people died, and in 2/3 of such accidents, taxi drivers were found responsible.
  • The second major task is the digitization of the taxi industry, developing digital profiles of taxi drivers, introducing telemedicine and conducting remote vehicle inspections.
  • The main problem facing the industry today is the development of rules according to which a modern taxi should operate in the new economic conditions.

Experts are sure that a strict set of rules will help solve these and other problems of the industry.

The new bill has already been sent to the State Duma. Representatives from 45 regions of the country and 6 foreign states worked on the discussion in the forum. The ideas put forward on the site will be taken into account in the further drafting of the law.

“As the state’s economic and social policies are changing, large companies are either leaving or changing their business models; there are new serious challenges for the taxi industry. One thing remains unchanged: the demand for taxis as a means of mass transport, enabling more than two billion trips per year in the Russian Federation. This is a serious contribution to the state economy and social function, the importance of which can hardly be overestimated,” said Dina Goryacheva, director of ANO MEFT (the organizer of the forum).

Birthday International Eurasian Forum “Taxi” took place from August 4 to 5 in Moscow. About 1,000 representatives of federal and regional governments, experts, participants from the taxi and related sectors took part in the work.

  • “Driving” can be read in viber.

Photo: Viktor Avdeev/Unsplash

Source: Z R


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