Iran offers Russia budget cars

This is what the head of the Russian center “Iranians Abroad” says. If China is afraid of sanctions because of its cooperation with Russia, then apparently Iran is not.

A friendly country is ready to assemble cars in Russia under the revived Moskvich, Volga and Pobeda brands, writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta. The fact is that Iran has long been under Western sanctions.

One of the most famous car manufacturers in Iran is Iran Khodro, which has already sold its cars in Russia (Samand). This company also assembles French cars Peugeot and Chinese Haima and Dongfeng.

Iran Khodro car

Iran Khodro car

It is also possible that the new Muscovites will be cars of the Chinese brand JAC, which is a partner of KAMAZ. But what is ultimately produced in the former factory? Renault in Moscow, is still unknown.

Source: Z R


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