Taxi Act – further amendments

The main points of the upcoming legislative changes were discussed during the strategic session “Developing a Bill on Taxis: The Final Round” in the framework of the X International Eurasian Forum “TAXI” (IEFT).

Some of the innovations will directly affect drivers and passengers.

It was therefore proposed to set the minimum passenger rate for cities of federal interest and neighboring regions. For the rest of the subjects of the Russian Federation, they are not yet going to name a specific amount.

However, experts believe that there is still a need to create clear guidelines for rates.

There was also a proposal to add rules on carrier liability insurance to the bill.

The law will also take into account passenger safety issues. Thus, the constituent entities of the Russian Federation will be able to independently decide how well a driver needs to know the city in order to work in a taxi. Based on this, a list of certification requirements is drawn up. At the same time, the list of grounds on which a driver is not allowed to drive is being expanded.

The law has already been drafted and submitted to the State Duma for consideration. However, the published version is not yet final. The experts noted that following the discussion in the international forum, a number of changes will be made to the document.

  • “Driving” can be read in viber.

Photo: Yaroslav Chingaev/TASS and MEFT press office

Source: Z R


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