The show “Pimped Wheelbarrow” returns to the air

The program will air again on August 19, the portal says. sportto express. But the format of the show will go through some changes. British hip-hop artist Lady Lesher will replace the former Xzibit presenter as the face of the program. And now they’re going to work on the car at Wrench Studios’ tuning studio. It used to be a customs office on the west coast.

The program is produced by MTV’s UK division. However, all internet users can see the releases at YouTube.

As an announcement, the makers of the program have released a trailer. This clearly shows that in the first issue they will ‘pump’ the 1996 Volkswagen Beetle and the 1992 Mitsubishi GTO. The show also plans to revive classic models.

The original show, which was hugely popular around the world, was called Pimp My Ride. It aired on MTV from 2004 to 2007.

  • “Driving” can be read in viber.

Photo, video: YouTube

Source: Z R


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