What causes animal transport violations?

About the incident, the culprit of which was the cat, the employees of the fire and rescue unit near Moscow told. The driver and passenger were in the car. The woman carried the pet in her arms without a special carrier.

As the participants in the accident said, while driving, the cat unexpectedly escaped from his hands and grabbed the driver’s face. As a result, the man lost control of the vehicle. The car went off the road and came to rest against a tree.

The driver and passenger suffered injuries of varying severity. Ambulance personnel assisted them on the spot. The cat was hiding in bushes along the road, according to employees.

Rescue workers remind drivers that it is necessary to transport animals in special carriers or in compartments of the car, which are protected from the driver by a protective net.

  • Detailed instructions for transporting cats here.
  • “Driving” can be read in viber.

Photo: EMERCOM of Russia

Source: Z R


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