Hyundai Motor gets fine of 9 million for exhaust

The car with which there were problems, the woman bought in 2016 from an authorized dealer. After that, she paid 1,209,900 rubles for Hyundai Creta.

At the end of the warranty period, I had to contact the seller again. At the crossing, “the muffler rattled from the cold and the indicator lit up,” notes the press service of the courts of the northern capital. However, the official dealer has not lifted the violations in the period from August 21 to October 6. The claim, which was written by the owner of the car, was also dismissed.

The rights of motorists in such a situation were explained by the court. It was only possible to return the car within fifteen days of the date of purchase or to demand a replacement for a comparable car. And after this period, the seller had to cancel the non-delivery of goods under warranty within a period of up to 45 days.

For example, the court ordered the production company to pay the full cost of the car, which the owner paid at the time of purchase. With this recovery came losses in the form of interest on the loan agreement, fines on various points, as well as moral damages and legal costs.

In total, the defendant will have to pay a fine of about 9 million rubles.

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Source: Z R


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