Traffic police data mart: this is how it works

There is such an apt expression: if something is leaked to the internet, then forever. The same applies to the driving history data: they are always available in the traffic police database. Admittedly, until recently, only the driver and inspectors had access to this data.

But now times have changed.

Anyone can send a request for information about your sins, and if you allow him (such a feature should be implemented on the public services portal), he can see who cut and overtook you.

Driving history data is now available in the Traffic Police Data Showcase. But only for those that the driver himself has given permission to receive such data.

Who benefits?

Most amateur riders hardly need such a service – except for fun. However, in Russia, many earn by turning the wheel. And if before all the hardships and fines were their private past, now the employer will certainly ask for access to the history during the interview. And there can be anything: ideal people do not exist in nature, everyone makes mistakes.

And now a person with deprivation, for example because of drinking, can no longer get a job in a decent organization, even though the deprivation is 20 years ago, and even then because of his youth and stupidity.

But can you refuse? Yes, you can, but then the employer will refuse to interview such a secretive person because if he refuses, there is something to hide. And since there is something to hide, the worst assumptions are true and you should not entrust the wheel of an expensive commercial vehicle to such a driver. Yes, and it is better to find a personal driver more open.

The situation, as you understand, is twofold.

On the one hand, the driver may have long improved, realized, matured. And the abstinence from drinking, which happened 20 years ago, still hangs in history – and now you can’t get anywhere except in a taxi, because that’s where “disenfranchised people” are still taken. But with the current trends, they won’t even take you in a taxi anytime soon.

On the other hand, if a person constantly commits offenses and generally behaves carelessly on the road, how can he be trusted with a truck or bus? Even a passenger car, and that is dangerous in such hands.

Public opinion was divided. Some drivers say it is a very useful and correct service, while others have a strongly opposing view.

How is it better?

I still believe that the service has a right to exist. However, the data must have a statute of limitations after which it must not appear in an official document, statement or service such as the Traffic Police Data Showcase. For example, you can set a data statute of limitations of 10 years and any violations committed before this period should not be part of anyone’s history at all. After all, we all change, and a person ten years ago and he is today are two different people. It is wrong to punish, even in such an indirect way, for the sins of the distant past.

At the same time, if a driver violated both five years ago and three years ago, and then got caught yesterday, it doesn’t mean he’s bad either. The vast majority of drivers do not drive without fines, even insurance companies look with suspicion to the driver who came to them for insurance without a history of fines. “Probably never driven a car”, think the insurers. And just in case, they charge an increased rate.

In general, a record number of fines are handed out in the world for traffic violations in Russia. On average, every Russian car owner violates 4 times a year. Few get away from the camera.

And only if the driver regularly commits serious violations, is deprived or, God forbid, criminal liability – for example for repeated drinking – then of course such a driver will not be hired anywhere. And it seems to me that this is very fair. And it will be safer on the road if such a motorist with history will never drive a truck.

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