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Renault found a loophole to return to the Russian market


Renault Koleos cars are delivered from South Korea to Belarus from the local factory of Renault Samsung Motors’ Franco-Korean plant. Therefore, Western sanctions do not apply to supplies from South Korea, which is more neutral towards Russia than the EU. Gazeta.ru told Gazeta.ru at Renault’s representative office in Belarus that the next batch will include 50 Koleos cars, after which it is planned to import from 30 to 50 crossovers of this model per month to the country.

“Both countries are members of the EAEU Customs Union. We issue all the documents for registering the cars, and an ERA-GLONASS unit is also installed on the cars, ”said he. Besides,

You can buy Renault cars in Belarus without leaving Russia.

It is enough to pay a sales contract and conclude it remotely. However, the buyer will have to come for the car on his own – having a car delivered to a car carrier will cost a lot, explains a company representative.

“We can deliver, but there was no such request. If we talk about individuals or legal entities, they are interested in inspecting and receiving the car. Usually car carriers are full, six or seven cars, it is unreasonable to transport one, ”says the official representative of Renault in Belarus.

The entire model range of the French brand can be purchased for Russian rubles.

It includes Master light commercial vehicles previously imported from France and the remains of old Russian-made cars – Duster, Arkana, Kaptur and Logan. Belarus Renault assures that the latter is in stock “in sufficient quantities”.

There is no time limit for buying a car in Russian rubles with a full package of registration documents.

“We do not divide buyers into Belarusians and Russians. Interest in the latter, in connection with the shortage of cars, is growing exponentially, ”says the company.

The former Renault dealer network in Russia will be able to service cars purchased in Belarus,

what the representatives of the brand say and confirm in the Minsk dealer. Vehicles are warranted for 3 years or 100,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

“The Russian dealer network previously insured cars. In case of dispute, as an importer in Belarus we are ready to serve them at home. But such precedents in Russia have not arisen before,” he said.

According to the source from the dealer’s headquarters in Minsk, a car purchased in a union state will be on temporary numbers, will continue to register the car in Russia and pay a disposal fee.

window to europe

If the sale of cars to Russians in Belarus is not answered at Renault headquarters, then

after a while, a similar scheme for the sale of cars of other brands may appear,

Maxim Kadakov, editor-in-chief of Za Rulem magazine, is sure of this.

“The company directly and openly announces the start of sales with a price in rubles and a full package of documents. It would seem that we are opening such a window to Europe through Belarus, ”Kadakov said in an interview with socialbites.ca.

The specialist noted that the Belarusian market has always been more “European” than the Russian market – he offered models that are not in the Russian Federation. Now this gap between the markets can increase,

Independent automotive industry consultant Sergei Burgazliev believes that in Russia, given the general shortage, there will be demand for Renault cars from Belarus.

“I do not understand this plan: they left Russia, but remained in Belarus?

The question is how it will be perceived politically by the French,” says the expert.

What is given and how much

At one of the official Renault dealerships in Minsk, socialbites.ca correspondent was offered to buy a Koleos crossover for 3.6 million rubles.

The manager of the car dealership said that the cars were sold without additional equipment and fully equipped.

“The package includes memory, ventilated and massage seats, power trunk release, blind spot monitoring systems, lane keeping sensors, dual-zone climate control, autostart, LED optics and 18-inch alloy wheels,” the dealer representative said.

The equipment list also includes a rear view camera with parking sensors, a multimedia system with a 9-inch screen, a navigation device and Bose acoustics with support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, eight speakers and six airbags.

The crossover is equipped with a 2.5-liter gasoline engine (171 hp), a CVT and all-wheel drive system. In terms of dimensions, Koleos is similar to the Nissan X-Trail crossover – both models are built on the CMF-C / D platform of the French alliance.

Deliveries of Renault Koleos in Russia ended at the beginning of 2020, and at that time it was the only model of the brand imported into Russia from abroad.

Talking about the current demand for Koleos in Russia, the editor-in-chief of Za Rulem Kadakov noted that the model was not very popular before, but now costs half of what it is.

“But in the current situation, 3.6 million rubles for such a large car no longer seems like crazy money. On the other hand, the new Nissan X-Trail in Japan is sold for about 30 thousand euros (about 1.8 million rubles),

which is much cheaper,” said the expert.

It is quite problematic to find a new non-Chinese crossover for 3.6 million rubles at the moment, some Russians are of the opinion that for this amount it is better to buy a Renault car than a car from China.

Renault’s Belarus representation has announced that it has started sales of updated Koleos crossovers. The company told socialbites.ca that Russians can also buy cars. Cars go to Belarus by detours, bypassing the European customs blockade. Experts believe that the new plan could open a window for the sale of cars to Russians and other “sanctioned” brands.

Source: Gazeta



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