It is known what they think in the West about the simplified Niva

“Simplified” Niva is sold with a lower trim level, similar to some other models of the Russian company. Until now, the standard Niva was sold for a price of 13,582 euros, but now it is much cheaper, writes the Bulgarian edition of Fakti.

Prices for the “simplified” Niva start at 647,600 rubles, or about 10,728 euros. For this amount, buyers get 16-inch wheels, electric front windows, daytime running lights and an on-board computer. There is no audio system, but there are preparations for it – an antenna, wiring and speakers.

The car does not have anti-lock brakes and side airbags. It is not known what engine the cars are equipped with, but most likely it will be the same 1.7-liter engine with 83 horsepower, known to fans of Russian technology.

Readers of the publication responded to this post:

Az, Claudius: “Everything is in order, but their sheet metal rots very quickly. Dacia Duster is better.”

Malko clarification: “Produced since 1977. It won the Paris-Dakar rally, among others. Dacia hasn’t won anything in a race yet.”

miracle: “Only a thrillseeker can fall in love with this “hedgehog”.

Not bash taka: “Dude, maybe you’re right… for thrill seekers… But in Norway and Sweden (I didn’t live in Finland) all environmental services – and there are more than twenty of them – are at Lada Niva. And they are guaranteed to be no dumber than you and me… I’ve been seeing them on the Scandinavian roads for 15 years and to this day I never ask myself: why???

matter of taste (and budget): “Since its release (1979), Niva has had three positive qualities: price, price and (again) price. Otherwise it’s extremely compromised: terribly fragile, clumsy to drive, with massive fuel consumption (given the antediluvian HBO), very slow and noisy, the quality is zero, but the power across the country is more or less decent. It attracts only with its price and low cost of spare parts, and there is still a need for such basic and unpretentious SUVs.”

Dalboko Widashcho; “Soviet cars were made with people in mind, and western cars with the idea of ​​gas stations. Why do you think I still drive a Soviet car?

Deep Seer: “A terribly cramped and impractical car, and there is practically no trunk. And the air-cooled motor is quite problematic in the heat. Not the best choice to be honest. If you want something reliable, maintainable and “eternal”, look for a used Golf 2, Audi 80, Passat B3 or old Japanese cars.

patency: “Western SUVs are heavy, which is good on asphalt, but not at all off-road. Weight is critical on soft surfaces (mud, deep snow). Where high cross-country capacity and low price are really needed, and comfort and “representation” are secondary, Niva is practically out of competition. There are no universal cars, there cannot be a car that is comfortable, fast, stable at high speeds, super drivable, economical and cheap.”

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