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90% of drivers are not aware of this danger to the engine in the heat


In the heat, the car also requires a special approach to handling. This was told by the expert of the magazine “Behind the wheel” Alexei Revin.

He listed several situations that can be harmful to an engine.

Excursions, for example, involve driving on dusty roads.

If engine air filter contamination is marginal, then: a filter curtain breakthrough is possible – and all the dirt will be in the motor at some point. And this can lead to a major overhaul.

The expert advises car owners who are going to make a “dusty trip” to place a new filter and possibly take a spare filter with them. And of course inspect the entire intake tract, from the air filter housing to the cylinder head, for leaks.

What other factors can affect the engine in the summer and how to independently diagnose possible problems is described in detail in the article by Alexei Revin.

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