Drunk friend wants to drive? Here’s how to do it

Situation – After a party, a person wants to drive and give you or another guest a lift. He must be decisively prevented, and even if it comes to a conflict, the court is on your side, the lawyer of the public movement of motorists “Freedom of Choice”, lawyer Serhiy Radko on Sputnik radio.

Because by deterring the perpetrator of such an act, we prevent much more damage that such a person can cause.

How to act to neutralize a tipsy driver? Try to remove and hide the car keys first. If that doesn’t work, you can and should call the police.

“Obviously trying to rob a drunk driver of the keys to his car can cause a reaction, but this action on your part is absolutely legal. If the passenger of the car does not allow the incapacitated or intoxicated driver to leave, there is no violation in these actions,” the car attorney explained.

In any case, you should do everything you can to keep the drunk on the road. The law will be on the side of whoever hinders the drinker.

Source: Z R


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