“Behind the Wheel” in August: How to Save a Million; why the seizure; when we go 150 km/h

“Behind the wheel” no. 8/2022 is:


  • Showcase traffic police data – what is it and why?
  • Evolute electric cars and other novelties of the Russian market
  • Speed ​​limit of 150 km / h on our roads – is it real?


  • Aurus on hydrogen: we were the first to drive! All machine details
  • Novelties of the Chinese car market. Do we have to wait?


  • Parallel import: how it works
  • The car can now be impounded. for what?
  • Accident statistics: driving is getting safer


  • Crossover, station wagon or liftback? Choosing a car for the family
  • Means for individual mobility: we evaluate acceleration, braking and handling!


  • We bring used from Europe: Opel Insignia
  • Driving knowledge: 15 thermostats for Renault and Nissan engines; two-tone signal instead of the ordinary; 14 tire repair kits
  • How not to kill the variator in the heat?
  • How it works: timing drive
  • Anti-theft systems: electronics on watch
  • Premium motor oil: we check it in the lab and in taxi engines!


  • We choose used: Ford Fusion; Nissan Pathfinder; Kia Sportage
  • MOT only: Lada Granta
  • Used Toyota Camry
  • A new Suzuki Jimny or a used Jeep Wrangler for the same money?
  • Resale: good premium sedans for a million rubles
  • Lada Largus from the park “Behind the wheel” after 24,000 km


  • Experienced GAZ‑62: almost a copy of Dodge?
  • Mercedes-Benz W140 – great authority of the nineties
  • ZIL-130, which you did not know. All prototypes!

The head of the traffic police and the experts of “Behind the Wheel” answer questions from readers.

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