AvtoVAZ returns to production of more powerful engines

The Volga Automobile Plant may soon partially return to the production of cars with a VAZ-21129 16-valve engine. Recall that this 106 hp engine is installed on Largus and Vesta. According to Avtograd news, about 600 of these engines will be assembled at the Togliatti plant by the end of July, with some of that going to the final batch of 240 Vesta NG vehicles.

Speaking of Vesta, we note that earlier the same source reported that it was for so many cars (240 units) that the Izhevsk Automobile Plant was able to find components for assembly. According to preliminary data, after the release of this batch, Vesta’s production will be transferred to Togliatti to resume in 2023. But now in Togliatti they make only 8-valve VAZ-11182 engines, which are installed on the younger Granta model.

VAZ-11182 is almost completely localized, which is why its production was started so soon after the plant was inactive in the spring. But in the VAZ-21129 with 16 valves, Federal Mogul ShPG, Siemens Deka ramp and injectors, Bosch sensors were used. Perhaps it is in connection with this that so far we are only talking about the production of a limited batch of 600 engines.

  • In addition to the VAZ-21129, the updated Vesta is expected to have two more engines in the range – although one of them will apparently not last long.
  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

Source: Z R


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