Miraculous rescue of a kitten on the Moscow ring road (video)

The incident occurred on the eastern part of the Moscow ring road. The driver drove from Shchelkovo. He saw a ginger kitten in the third lane. The man stopped without hesitation and got out of the car to save the animal.

At the end of the video, you can see the kitten breathing heavily and sticking out its tongue.

In the comments to the video that the driver posted on the web, experts have already expressed their views on this. According to them, this is a normal reaction of the animal to stress.

That everything is fine with the kitten is confirmed by the author himself. A few hours after the first video, he added a photo of an already calm animal. The driver also said that the rescued had already found a new home.

The video’s author said that the moment he noticed the kitten, there was a small traffic jam on the road. The movement was not fast, perhaps this saved the animal’s life.

  • “Driving” can be read in Viber.

Photo, video: vk.com/the_w1se

Source: Z R


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