Thieves stole cars in an unusual way

Three residents of Chelm (Poland) stole cars parked on the side of the road in a rather unusual way. Police officers in Dorohuska caught resourceful thieves in the act trying to pull a Nissan Almera onto a trailer using an HDS hydraulic truck crane.

Curiously, the three-person Helm gang showed that there are no generational conflicts in the underworld, as the group detained by the police were men aged 62, 52, and 16. They were united by the “idea” of expropriating cars “abandoned” on the side of the road, and two successful thefts confirmed their knowledge.

The two men and a teenager acted according to the following scheme: first they looked for a car parked on a road with little traffic, then they came to collect it with a hydraulic truck crane (HDS). It was only necessary to pick up the car, load it on the platform and leave. The main thing was not to meet the owner, the rare passers-by and the passers-by, did not ask questions.

Thieves stole cars in an unusual way

Unfortunately, the third joint operation was unsuccessful for the thieves. Last Monday, on a jagged scheme, thieves attempted to “remove” a green Nissan Almera from the side of the road. The parked car didn’t bother anyone, but since it was on the edge in a deserted place, it just “begged” to be stolen. Unfortunately, a police car drove by by accident.

The thieves failed to convince law enforcement that they were simply clearing the way of abandoned cars.

It turned out that this is not the first case, as the Dorohusk police, during a search of the home of a 52-year-old assailant, found two more cars stolen in this way – Nissan Qashqai and Volkswagen Passat.

Based on the evidence gathered, two adult residents of Chelm are charged with theft and attempted theft. Under local law, they can face up to five years in prison. The third member of the gang is being treated by the Family and Youth Affairs Department because of his “frail” age.

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