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The most popular model in Russia: where is it cheapest?


Literally in a year, the value of the bestseller in the Russian car market increased by 14.5% to 78.5%, depending on the region. The first of the two digits is the annual price increase in Lipetsk, and the second is in Krasnodar. Such data is provided by the aggregator 110km.ru. The source notes that Grant managed to remain the bestseller in the car market, despite a catastrophic drop in sales: minus 77% compared to last year.

The model became the best in sales both in June (dealers sold 3,305 cars) and in the first half of the year (23,387 cars), while the closest competitors Lada Vesta and Kia Rio have half the sales volume.

Experts say Granta will strengthen its leadership in the future: unlike its competitors, the manufacturer has managed to restart production. But what price will buyers in different regions pay for the Grant? The cheapest model is located in the Urals – here the average price is only 796,213 rubles. The most expensive is in the south of Russia: the average price is already 1,073,120 rubles!

And here’s how prices for the most affordable model changed from early August 2021 to late July 2022 in two Russian capitals. A year ago, the average cost of a new Grant in Moscow was 657,314 rubles, and today they ask 969,000 rubles (+47.4%) for a car. In St. Petersburg, over the same period, the figure rose from 630,691 rubles to 822,160 rubles, that is + 30.3%.

  • Until now, Grants have “anti-crisis” equipment, but soon ERA-GLONASS will return to Russian-assembled cars.
  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

Source: Z R



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