Amazing figure: 77% of motorists will not be able to repair the car

Even minor repairs to your own car can become an insurmountable obstacle for the lion’s share of Russian motorists. 77% are unable to make minor repairs or scheduled maintenance to a car – such data was obtained by Citydrive and ResearchMe services as a result of a survey of 1,200 respondents. Only 20% of the participants suggested that they could do some simple manipulations with the machine.

Just under 45% said they have some skills, but not enough to keep the car in good technical condition. But what can modern motorists do?

Only 45% replied that they could wash the car themselves. 38% are able to independently refill all necessary liquids. 36% (!) will be able to inflate the wheels. Less than 30% – can cope with the installation of “windshield wipers”. Only a quarter of those surveyed can replace batteries. 23% will “light up” a car if necessary. 22% change the headlights without assistance, 20% change the wheels.

Replacing brake pads without military assistance is only realistic for 8% of the respondents. And 7% of respondents admitted that they do not know the meaning of the icons on the instrument panel, and if a “light” comes on, they immediately contact the service station.

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Source: Z R


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