Named documents that can be submitted to the inspector in electronic form

The fact that in the future it will be possible for drivers not to carry paper versions of documents with them to the car, he said in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta. chief of traffic police Mikhail Chernikov. In the meantime, only one document can be officially submitted to the inspector in electronic form – this is a registration certificate.

But just a photo in the smartphone gallery is not enough. To use the new feature, the Gosuslugi.Auto application must be installed on the phone. And in it are loaded documents for owning a car.

If these conditions are met, you can present during document verification QRcode that is generated automatically. The head of the department said any traffic inspector can scan the code. All employees are provided with the necessary equipment for this.

This feature is in experimental mode because there are still certain limitations. For example, it is not clear what to do in places where there is no internet. Therefore, the inspector now has the right to ask the driver to provide a paper version of the document.

However, according to Chernikov, active work is being done on internet coverage along the routes. He noted that a similar verification of a driver’s license will become possible as early as next year.

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