New Vesta went to dealers

Official representatives of AVTOVAZ are still silent, but there are growing indications that the start of sales of the updated Vesta is imminent. Admittedly, it’s worth recalling that judging by early reports, we’re talking about a limited batch of about 800 cars assembled in February 2022.

According to preliminary information, this batch will be distributed to 300 Lada dealers across Russia, and it seems that this process is already in full swing.

Car carriers with commodity Lada Vesta NG went to the showrooms of official dealers, the VKontakte community reports “Lada Vesta | Lada Vesta NG 2022. The photos presented show a car transporter driving through the streets of Izhevsk (it is in this city that the production of Vesta is organized), and eight cars are loaded on it.

New Vesta went to dealers

New Vesta went to dealers

In cars, Vesta NG is unmistakably guessed. The batch shown is equally divided between sedans and station wagons, there are no cross versions among them, although generally the “raised” Cross sedan and SW Cross station wagon are retained in the updated family.

Of course, this car carrier is not the only one – cars from the specified batch of 800 copies have already been seen at dealers in different cities, according to various sources.

  • But a new batch of Vesta will not be assembled until early 2023.
  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

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