We were told who will be responsible for the Russian production of car seats

We are talking about the production, which is located in Ulyanovsk. It was owned by a Turkish company grown up is one of the world’s largest car seat manufacturers. Production stopped after Russia stopped assembling models Renault and Lada XRAY.

Now the production has been bought by the Togliatti company TPV Rus. That reports the portal Volga-News. The report also says that the new owner will not restart the factory in the same place. However, all equipment will continue to operate as intended. Only it will be moved to locations in Syzran and Tolyatti.

In Ulyanovsk, the plant was operating in 2016. Production capacity is designed for 150,000 sets per year.. At the news agency TPV Rus explained that the additional equipment will allow the company to increase production volumes. Instead of 300,000, up to 450,000 car seats are now produced per year.

Currently, TPV Rus is the main supplier of car seat kits for Lada Granta and Niva cars. The acquisition of the capabilities of the Ulyanovsk plant, according to the representatives of production, will open up new technological opportunities. They will be used for the general partner – AVTOVAZ.

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Source: Z R


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