“Discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation”: dozens of cars were painted with the letter Z in Voronezh

“Destroyed more than 100 cars”

The fact that someone painted cars was reported by the Telegram channel “Mine and yours Voronezh”. Several photos of cars damaged by paintwork have been published.

“South Moravska Street, more than 100 cars were damaged in the night,” the community said in the words of one of the subscribers.

Natalya Kulikova, head of the press service of the Main Directorate of the Voronezh Region of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, told TASS that some of the city’s residents turned to the police when they found the letter Z in their car, painted with red spray paint. in the morning.

“There have been several reports from locals that applying paint to the metal finish of vehicles is damaging to cars. “At this time, police officers have taken measures to identify the persons involved in the commission of this illegal act, a procedural check is being carried out, the results of which will give a procedural decision, “he said. Interior told Gazeta.ru.

The government of the Voronezh region also confirmed the fact of vandalism. A related statement appeared on the Telegram channel of local authorities.

“Tonight, on Yuzhno-Moravskaya Street in Voronezh, unidentified persons painted several dozen cars with symbols of a special military operation in Ukraine,” the government said in a statement.

The press service also stated that the regional governor Alexander Gusev “unconditionally and completely” supports “the president’s decision and the opinion of the majority of the Russian population about the need and goals of an NWO”.

“We respect the right to private property and see what happened on Yuzhno-Moravska Street as a disgusting provocation aimed primarily at discrediting the armed forces of the Russian Federation. “We hope the perpetrators will be punished,” he said.

“Let’s watch the cameras”

Voronezh resident Tatyana said on her VKontakte page that her car was also a victim of intruders. Fortunately, the woman’s car was almost undamaged: the paint was wiped off.

“We discovered that three cars (including ours) in the yard had been painted this morning! It was lucky that the paint was fresh and wiped even though it was a spray can. We will look at the cameras and then think about what to do with it,” he wrote.

Subscribers of the Telegram channel “My and Yours Voronezh” are afraid that the hooligans will not stop there, and the next time the symbols will be drawn with a nail or something – and it will be more difficult and expensive to eliminate such consequences.

Some worry about the duality of the situation.

One of the subscribers complained, “It is an extremely strange situation, hooliganism on the one hand, and on the other hand, if you don’t like it, you don’t support it (special operations).”

And others joke that the residents of Voronezh have “obvious political myopia.” “They did not spoil it, they carried out a patriotic act, who is not satisfied?” a man asked.

“He got a little more patriotic,” one of the locals joked when he saw his car. But he noted that it would be better if hooligans painted on glass – it is easier to wash off the paint this way.

And other subscribers advise car owners on the best way to delete inscriptions. They recommend products that will not damage the paint on the car: if you apply a common solvent to the letter Z, you can damage the coating.

On Wednesday night, unidentified persons painted up to a hundred cars with the letters Z in Voronezh. The owners of the cars did not like the action, some turned to the police. Now law enforcement agencies are looking for vandals, and the government of the Voronezh region has considered the appearance of an unofficial symbol of the Russian special operation on dozens of cars to discredit the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Source: Gazeta


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