Kirill Fokin-Sazonov: “I was a real queen with this car!”

Kirill Fokin-Sazonov: blogger, byeart maker, andco-host and presenter of the show “ON THE BINDERS”, RUTUBE ambassador.

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We asked Kirill to talk about the very first car in his life.

— For any man, the first car is the most memorable, especially for a kid from the provinces.

* Instagram is a social network recognized as extremist in Russia

In 2016 I turned 18, and while I was still a schoolboy, I bought my first car, Priora, with the money collected. This little girl was called Shakira.

We had love at first sight: I young hot guy and her black, tan, sassy beauty.

She was often offended and wouldn’t start, so I had to get inside her soul to correct the situation. Not perfect, but I love her the way she is.

You can imagine how I felt like a queen when I came to school with it. During recess, my friends and I would go out to listen to music, go to the store to buy Coke and Snickers, and sometimes take teachers home after school.

But our love with Shakira was short-lived. Six months later, her engine knocked, and we broke up with her…

Then I met Jalilla, but that’s another story 🙂


What do you call your car?

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