Import substitution in action: a new family of car chips was introduced in Russia

At the factory in Mikron, 10 types of microcircuits for automotive instrument clusters have been prepared for delivery. Automotive components are ready to use for the localization of body electronics and engine management systems, driver assistance systems and lighting equipment.

The product range includes both mass chips and chips adapted to the requirements of specific car manufacturers.

“32 kinds of microcircuits are ready for development and can be produced on our existing equipment, and in the near future another 40 kinds can be developed and put into production, allowing us to multiply the localization in automotive electronic components and bring it to 80%,” said Mikron JSC deputy general manager for commercial operations Evgeny Kuzmin.

Mikron’s products are actively developed by Russian car manufacturers as part of the import replacement program.

About Micron

Mikron Group of Companies has been manufacturing and supplying power management chips in the automotive electronics segment for over 15 years, both for domestic and international markets. The product portfolio includes voltage regulators and stabilizers, microcircuits for driving LED lighting equipment, speedometer and tachometer drivers, LED drivers and other automotive components. Crystals are supplied both on wafers and on semiconductors installed in cartridges.

Mikron is the only domestic manufacturer of automotive electronics chips to achieve international certification.

Source: Z R


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