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The Ministry of Industry and Trade told how car sales are emerging from the crisis


Viktor Evtukhov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, spoke in an interview with TASS about how the state supports the development of local industry and the wide range in Russian stores.

He noted in particular that the Ministry of Economic Development expects a decline in retail sales of about 9% this year, but that gradual recovery growth is already forecast in 2023-2025 and that the Ministry of Industry and Trade is inclined to believe the predictions of colleagues.

The impact of sanctions should not be underestimated – they have affected all areas of trade, especially goods with a high import content, such as technical durables – cars, computers, smartphones and household appliances.

In this regard, the Ministry of Industry and Trade is implementing measures to both improve the access of these goods to the market and stimulate consumer demand.

The main task is to create conditions for accelerated development of the local production of necessary goods. There are already direct financial support programs for backbone companies, IT companies and retail chains, as well as tax incentives.

In addition to supporting production and expanding import channels, the state is stimulating consumer demand – in June 10.2 billion rubles were allocated for preferential car loan programs.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has expanded the list of parallel import goods so that consumers can keep the opportunity to buy well-known brands while their own production develops in the country.

To support trading companies, we expanded the possibilities to use preferential loans: now companies can use them to settle with foreign suppliers, rent premises and equipment, pay salaries, pay electricity, and to facilitate logistics , the weight and size control of freight transport for certain groups of goods has been abolished.

The government has also awarded 500 million rubles in subsidies to support advertising for Russian brands, mainly on television.

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