The traffic police reminded of the responsibility for entering the oncoming lane

Of the 10.8 thousand traffic violations related to entering the oncoming lane, 940 motorists have already committed such an offence. The inspectors recalled that liability for such violations is provided for in Article 12.15 of the Code of Administrative Violations of the Russian Federation.

If the camera captured the turn to the oncoming lane, the offender will be fined 5000 rubles, but if the inspector of the Road Patrol Service, in addition to the administrative fine, can deprive the driver of the right to drive for a period of 4 up to 6 months – this is when the offense is committed for the first time.

In the event of repeated violations of the rights, they will be withdrawn for a period of one year.

On January 10 of this year, the amendments to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation entered into force. Article 264.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation provides for liability for violation of traffic rules by a person who is subject to administrative penalties and deprived of the right to drive vehicles, including for re-entering the lane of oncoming traffic.

That is, if the driver, who has already been deprived of the right to drive for re-entering the oncoming lane, again commits such an offense, he will be criminally liable for up to two years in prison.

Since the beginning of the year, one driver has already been punished with such a sentence, for example, the court’s verdict came into effect at the beginning of June this year.

Source: Z R


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