Are you going on vacation? Don’t fall for this scam!

A new scam took on dangerous proportions this summer, as Russians flocked to vacation in cars. Sometimes motorists don’t quite understand where the toll road started (or whether it started at all), what internet scammers use. They send messages with links to phishing sites that look like real pages of paid service companies.

The Avtodor company said that falling for this bait is as easy as peeling pears. Scammers will sometimes replace just one letter in the address of a fake site, so the link might lead you to conclude that the site of a real company is behind it. In addition, the fake site itself, as a rule, is designed in the form of an almost exact copy of the toll road maintenance companies.

In addition, toll road operators do send SMS notifications about debts, so the situation looks very realistic. But experts advise not to rush to transfer money, but to find the official website of the organization yourself. And also check the presence of debt on the license plate of the car.

Fraud is really widespread – cybersecurity officers have already identified dozens of criminal groups, they say in Avtodor, and it is not known how many more … So be careful.

  • And here’s another important piece of news: they offered to deal with reckless drivers in a new way.
  • “Driving” can now be viewed on RuTube.

Source: Z R


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