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Reliable and cheap crossover called – overbidding won’t notice


One of these crossovers was noticed by the expert of Za Rulem, the oldest and most authoritative automobile publication in Russia, Alexander Vinogradov.

the Ford Maverick, He is Ford Escape Mercury Mariner and Mazda tribute. You can buy all of them for 500 thousand rubles, and it will be a car from 2004-2006.

You can opt for a crossover with a 2.3-litre engine.

It has a somewhat clumsy power from the point of view of the transport load – 153 hp.

But there are only a few problems. This is an oil burner due to the appearance of rings at a mileage of about 160 thousand kilometers and engine mounts, which stop absorbing at about the same mileage.

Much more interesting are the 3-litre crossover options. But here the same “extra” three horsepower can be embarrassing – the engine power is 203 horsepower. But the oil burner and other problems familiar to the modern motorist are unknown to him. Only ignition coils need attention, which is strongly recommended to be replaced every 150 thousand kilometers or even more often. The catch is that the coil can take the ECU with it when it dies. Then the repair will cost a pretty penny.

Matching the engines and automatic transmission. With a 2.3-liter engine, it is almost eternal, and with a more powerful 3-liter engine, the valve body will have to be repaired at a distance of 220-230 thousand km.

The weak point of the chassis are the front wheel bearings. They take care of an average of 100 thousand kilometers or a little more.

The interior of the crossover is quite faded, but the finishing materials turned out to be very wear-resistant. For example, the driver’s seat looks good even on trips of 200 thousand kilometers.

You can learn about alternatives to this crossover for the same 500 thousand rubles in the original article by Alexander Vinogradov “5 crossovers for 500 thousand rubles are the best options.”

Source: Z R



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