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Service “Sober driver” wants to legalize


The initiators explained what exactly is the advantage of the official status of the service. Now a driver who agrees to drive someone else’s car is breaking the law. He is not included in the OSAGO policy, which means that a sober driver is risking his own rights by agreeing to replace the tipsy owner of the car behind the wheel.

So if the service is legalized, the project authors are sure that the service will become more accessible. Drivers no longer run the risk of coming into contact with the law. This means there will be more such offers and prices may drop.

One of the advantages of official registration of the service is also the reduction in the number of accidents. This refers to accidents that drivers commit after drinking alcohol or simply in a state of severe overwork. The authors of the project believe that as the service becomes more accessible, drivers will use it more actively.

Activists are also sure there is a need to change the OSAGO law. The case where an employee of the Sober Driver service has an accident with someone else’s car is proposed to be recognized as insurance. However, the official registration of the service implies a more complicated procedure to obtain it. The driver may have to sign a written contract with the person replacing him each time.

Now the initiative lies with the public vote. It will not be able to enter the federal level until it has collected the required number of votes from the citizens of the country.

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