“Reference” Toyota Camry with mileage: 3 pluses and one minus

In Russia, this is a dream for some, and for some a strong love for many years. If you are looking for such a Camry on the secondary, be sure to read Alexei Strelnikov’s article in the August issue of “Behind the Wheel” magazine. It discusses many of the nuances that may be beyond the praise that has come to you.

Of course, this model has powerful advantages, which makes it an almost undisputed leader in terms of reliability. We name only three.

  1. Reliable engines – especially worth highlighting are 2.01AZ-FE and 2.52AR-FE, the resource of which is about 350 thousand kilometers;
  2. Resolute automatic transmissions, especially the 4-speed Aisin U241 installed on two liter pre-styling versions;
  3. Simple and unpretentious McPherson suspension front and rear. On runs of less than 100 thousand km, something more serious than buses and stabilizers rarely fail.

Does this car have any drawbacks? Naturally! Perhaps the most notable of them is the body, which requires attention and care. Otherwise… At the very least, the coating will fade quickly and without protection, the film will be covered with chips and scratches.

But this is of course not all we want to tell you about this remarkable car. The entire alignment for the seventh mileage Camry is in the August issue of “Behind the Wheel” magazine. Available soon!

The latest issues of the magazine are always available on marketplaces:

The note has been prepared on the basis of the materials of the article “Reference?” Alexei Strelnikov.

A picture: Toyota

Source: Z R


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