Named after the city where the Russians are the least in traffic

According to a study by the services and Sber Auto, Kaliningrad is stuck in traffic the least time. A third of the respondents from this city say that they are in a traffic jam for no more than 15 minutes a day.

Krasnodar became the record holder for traffic congestion. Residents noted that they can be stuck in traffic jams for up to two hours a day. Muscovites shouted at the same time. But in the capital, only 6% of respondents gave such an answer, while in Krasnodar – 11%.

During the survey, motorists also told how they spend their time in traffic jams. 45% of Russians prefer to just relax and listen to music. 29% of respondents use this time to learn about the current situation in the country and the world. They turn on the news. 15% spend time on education – listen to lectures or audiobooks.

Survey participants also indicated very original options for spending time in traffic. One of them is the choice of goods in online stores (6% of respondents indicate). Another 3% conduct online meetings or negotiations via a smartphone. The rarest answer – only 1% – is to spend time on psychology and introspection classes.

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Source: Z R


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