It is known how often owners give their cars affectionate names.

If the car is vital, car owners are happy to invest time and effort in it. This is apparent from the results of a study by Statista commissioned by the German service company Vergölst.

The essence of the research was to find out how important it is for German drivers to sit on their wheels?

The result surprised even the researchers themselves: so important that almost every fifth mentions their car by name! The open reactions showed that nicknames such as ‘kid’ and ‘fat’ were especially popular.

Car decoration – yes or no?

The number of “yes” votes was even higher when the owners were asked about decorating the car. Whether special floor mats (51%), sun protection for the rear window (9%) or special, colorful scents for the interior (15%), these and other decorative elements are used in the car by 68% of the respondents. Talismans in the form of pendants were also common, such as guardian angels and icons.

How often do owners wash their cars?

43% replied that “several times a year”; 25% say they go to the car wash once a month and 6% even once a week. 12% said they don’t clean at all, 9% wash their car only once a year and 3% even less often.

The whole series of questions was intended to determine how important the private car is to the driver. Based on the total responses, 77% rated their car as “very important” or “important”, 18% rated their car as average and 5% rated their car as “not important at all” or just “not important” .

At the same time, only 21% would be willing to do without their own car, for example to switch to a car-sharing model.


An online survey conducted in March 2022 among 1,000 German car owners aged 18 to 65.

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Source: Z R


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