AvtoVAZ switches to six-day working week

After the resumption of work in the four-day working week, AVTOVAZ is gradually expanding its capacity – and it seems that it is ready to move to a more rhythmic assembly of cars. The data is still unofficial, but confirmed by several sources. So, Avtograd News reports that a full-time work week and the opportunity to work part-time for double pay return to the company.

According to the information from the frame of the internal presentation posted by the source, the assembly lines of the Granta and Niva families in Togliatti are already operating on a five-day basis. From August 29, these lines will operate 6 days a week (with each employee working 5 days, with a day off), and the AvtoVAZ Workers public page adds that the Largus station wagon assembly line will also operate six days a week.

Also, in October and November 2022, with a six-day work week, the factory’s first shift is expected to be extended to 10 hours with doubling the additional time paid to production workers.

The company takes such measures, we quote the above box of the presentation, “to receive the maximum possible share of the funds from the state preferential lending and leasing program.” A return to a regular five-day work week is expected in December.

  • According to the said state program, an “anti-crisis” Grant without an air conditioner costs 543,120 rubles, and with an air conditioner – from 597,200 rubles.
  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

Source: Z R


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