Is it worth honking in the city? Readers’ Opinion

Have you ever thought about how often you use your horn while driving? After all, this is a rather specific measure of impact on the surrounding reality – and what this impact will be is up to you to decide. In the official Viber account “Behind the wheel” we conducted a survey on this topic.

The results turned out to be quite interesting. Of the 3 thousand respondents, 53 people (which is not so little) have honestly admitted that they use the horn a lot and see nothing wrong with it.

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The second largest group is 9% of those who responded that they occasionally signal. And another 14% practically do not use the signal and prefer other ways to be noticed by road users.

At the same time, most of our readers honk other drivers only because of an urgent need – if it is not possible at all to do without the use of a sound signal. In any case, this is the answer to our question from 2301 subscribers out of 3123 respondents.

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Source: Z R


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