Named the most popular online car sales platform

A survey by experts from the agency Avtostat shows that Russians most often use the Avito.Avto platform to sell cars. More than 3,200 car owners took part in the survey.

The study results were presented as a percentage. More than half of the respondents voted for the leader, namely 56.6%. The results of other online sites are much more modest. Second and third place were and They scored 21.2% and 20.1% respectively.

The survey made it possible to prepare an assessment not only for the country as a whole, but also for the largest cities individually. However, the data for Moscow and St. Petersburg coincided with the national data. It is Avito.Avto who is chosen by 50% of respondents from Moscow and 60.6% from the northern capital.

Buyers’ views generally coincide with sellers’ views. A small difference in percentages does not affect the overall picture. Avito website. 44.7% of respondents open a car looking for a car. 25.5% replied that they preferred in the first place and 14.9% voted

  • It was previously announced that reliability and security are the most important criteria when choosing an online service.
  • “Driving” can be read in Viber.

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