What to do if the car is damaged by a rain shower?

Recently, the topic of flooding has become relevant. Floods, especially in southern cities, cause heavy downpours. During the hurricane in Sochi alone, more than 120 cars were damaged by water flows.

A motorist who finds himself in such a situation can most easily receive a Casco benefit. But this has its own nuances, says lawyer Ali Aliyev in an interview with TV channel MIR 24. It is important that damage to a car in the event of a natural disaster, namely a flood or flood, is recorded in the contract as an insured event. But if this item is not there, you will not be able to get a benefit from the insurance company.

Just as important is how the car was damaged during the flood. If the car has suffered damage while driving, the breakdown can be classified differently. In this case, a water hammer in the engine is possible and repairs afterwards are much more expensive.

If the owner doesn’t have a hull agreement, don’t despair, says the lawyer. You can also get paid in this case. First of all, you need to repair the damage. You can take a photo or video summary of what happened, record the time and place. Then call the police to solve the case. Do not move the car from the place where it was damaged.

The owner will have to solve the problem of the fee himself. To do this, the lawyer advises to find out who owns the area where the car was damaged. So to understand who was responsible for the storm sewer condition. You then determine the damage, make a claim and go along to a provisional settlement.

If the matter cannot be resolved amicably, the matter must go to court. But the lawyer notes that in most cases the courts side with car owners.

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