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The car expert explained which terminal is safer to remove from the battery during repairs


Which terminal is better to remove from the battery during repair – positive or negative? It seems like a simple question, but on the internet you can find several recommendations. Some believe it is safer so that there is no accidental short circuit, negative. Others recommend removing the positive to avoid static discharge. Still others, so as not to get confused, remove both at once.

The opinions of our readers are also divided. 50% of respondents voted “minus”, 21% of our readers chose “plus”, 23% of our readers think it’s better to shoot both, and the answer “doesn’t matter” got 6 % of the votes.

Expert opinion

Mikhail Kolodochkincolumnist “Behind the wheel”:

– From the point of view of Mr. Ohm, can you disable any terminal – there will be no difference. In practice, however, it is better to remove the negative wire. The meaning is simple: if you handle a wrench or other conductive tool near the positive terminal of the battery, you may accidentally “short” it to a metal part of the engine compartment that is connected to the “minus”. The result is a short circuit even if you disconnect the wire from the positive terminal. And if the negative terminal is disconnected, nothing terrible can happen – unless, of course, you drop the key on both terminals at once.

Let me remind you that on most modern cars, any disconnection of the battery will reset the RAM data – they will then need to be restored. For example, Audi generally advises against disconnecting the onboard network terminals from the battery. And on some cars of the premium segment, disconnecting the battery is considered an unauthorized intervention, after which the electronic control unit is blocked until the intervention of authorized technicians. Remember this!

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