How much will fit in a liftback, station wagon and crossover? Don’t guess!

How to objectively measure the volume of the trunk?

Our methodology deviates from known standards and is based on the experience of the Dmitrovsky test site. We use “bricks” with a volume of eight liters, as well as four-liter cubes of three types of shapes. And we ship to the curtain.

In the new issue of the magazine Za Rulem, Alexander Vinogradov asks the question: which body type is more suited to the concept of a family car: liftback, station wagon or crossover? Do you think the answer is obvious? You’re right – you think!

The station wagon is spacious, but ‘for summer residents’. Maybe a crossover? It’s also an option. But if you really want a passenger car … Then we reject the sedan and the hatch – their “economic” value is quite low. There is still a liftback! The subjects were Lada Vesta SW Cross, Skoda Rapid and Geely Coolray.

One of the tests, of course, was the measurement of the volume of suitcases described above. And here lay perhaps one of the main (but not the only!) surprises of our test. Case volume up to Geely Coolray curtain – 264 l, Lada Vesta SW Cross – 376 l, Skoda Rapid – 428 l. Here you have the “practicality” of the crossover and the proof of the victory of the station wagon …

But of course you can’t choose a family car on one parameter! So, the details are in the August issue of “Behind the wheel” magazine. Available soon!

The latest issues of the magazine are always available on marketplaces:

Source: Z R


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