It became known at what amount of debt you can lose a car

How many fines can become critical can be assessed in practice. The UFSSP of Russia in the Primorsky Territory spoke about the situation when the bailiffs had to resort to confiscation of the debtor’s personal car.

The man regularly broke traffic rules, but did not consider it necessary to pay fines. As a result, he collected 48 overdue receipts. The total debt amounted to 130 thousand rubles.

The Ussuriysk resident did not respond to bailiffs’ requests to voluntarily pay off the debt. To speed up the process, the agency decided to seize the debtor’s property, namely the truck 2002 Isuzu Giga.

The car was arrested but handed over to its owner. The man was told that if the debt was not paid, the car would be put up for sale. Not wanting to part with his truck, the resident of the region repaid the debt in full.

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