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Mentioned the cost of maintenance of the most popular foreign car in Russia


Cars of the Kia Rio family are the best-selling foreign cars in our country. According to the experts of the Car Price portal, this car was therefore chosen to assess the costs of owners during use.

The calculations were performed for the Kia Rio sedan with a basic 1.4-liter engine with 100 hp. and mechanics, as well as the Kia Rio X cross-hatch with a 1.6-liter engine that produces 123 horsepower. and automatically. The conditions also indicated a service life of 5 years and a mileage of 100 thousand kilometers.

One of the first indicators is the fuel cost per kilometer. For the sedan, it turned out to be lower and amounted to 8 rubles 80 kopecks. for hatchback 10 rubles 70 kopecks.

Taking into account the calculations and the costs of the insurance. It is this parameter that will be the most expensive in both cases. Provided that the owner will certainly draw up a comprehensive insurance policy, about 387 thousand rubles will have to be paid for insurance of a sedan for five years and 454 thousand rubles for a hatchback

So, for a month of ownership, the total cost will be about 15 thousand rubles for a sedan and about 18 thousand rubles for a cross hatchback, and in 5 years the amount will be about 900 thousand and more than 1 million rubles, respectively.

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A picture: YOUnsplash/Roman Grachev

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