Riddle: what bonus did the first buyers of the Volga GAZ 24-10 receive?

At the end of the 80s, Volga cars were sold exclusively to the “most deserved” – the lists were agreed and approved at the ministerial level. The price of the GAZ-24-10 car was sky-high – 16,360 rubles. VAZ cars were about half the price.

It is curious that the maximum amount for which the Sberbank check was calculated was four-digit and was 9999 rubles – two checks had to be taken to pay for the car.

A funny bonus for future owners of such a car on the agreed day of purchase was a note on the invoice stating … the octane number of gasoline! The first five people received cars with tuned 90 horsepower Model 4021 engines, designed for gasoline A-76. The rest got cars with “four hundred and second” engines of 100 horsepower under the AI-93.

It must be assumed that being able to drive on cheaper petrol was a kind of compensation for the reasonable gluttony of the car.

The fuel consumption operating rate is not factory determined. Instead, the instructions indicated a certain fuel consumption: in the summer, after a 5000 km run, with a load of 2 people. For the ZMZ-402 engine with AI-93, the figures were as follows: at a speed of 90 km/h – 9.3 l/100 km, at 120 km/h – 12.9 l/100 km. For the ZMZ-4021 engine running on the A-76, 10.2 l/100 km and 13.9 l/100 km respectively. Actual consumption was usually 13-15 liters per hundred.

Mikhail Kolodochkin has been collecting unusual facts from the history of technology for many years. For example, did you know what the “legs” on the headlights of the Zhiguli of the fifth and seventh model were for?

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