Suspiciously cheap Korean SUV: what’s wrong with it?

For Russia, Rexton was assembled in Naberezhnye Chelny until 2009, then in Vladivostok. Some of the cars are imported from other countries.

Mercedes-Benz was a partner and point of reference in the creation of the model, hence the rich equipment and expensive materials, and many units are borrowed directly.

The second generation is structurally slightly different from the first, and the third (until 2017) is also more of a radical modernization than a new model.

SsangYong Rexton II

SsangYong Rexton II


  • High comfort, good sound insulation.
  • The trunk is almost a cubic meter.

Suspiciously cheap Korean SUV: what's wrong with it?The specified trunk volume of 925 liters was received without curtains – the car was sold without curtains, but there was a mesh separating the rear compartment from the passenger compartment.

The specified trunk volume of 925 liters was received without curtains – the car was sold without curtains, but there was a mesh separating the rear compartment from the passenger compartment.


  • Iron rusts quickly, especially the frame.
  • Soft and rolling “American” suspension.
  • There are problems with spare parts.


All engines are modified copies of Mercedes-Benz. Inline naturally aspirated “six” 3.2 (220 hp) on the secondary is rare and famous for its gluttony – about 20 liters in the city. The engine is very reliable and goes more than 400 thousand km. The biggest problem is leaks, and many things fail due to overheating, starting with gaskets. Good oil is needed to prevent chafing and vigilant temperature control.

A two-liter diesel engine (148 hp) is almost impossible to find. Diesels 2.7 with a cast iron block and five cylinders dominate in two versions (163 and 186 hp) – analogues of the Mercedes OM612. They are also reliable, the source goes beyond 350 thousand km. But various problems with fuel equipment are inevitable, especially the high-pressure fuel pump, the failure of which often leads to clogging of all channels with chips. The electrical part and the EGR valve are grumbling. By 200 thousand, the turbocharger and timing chain wear out.


There are no questions about the mechanical box. Machines were used differently. The four-speed Australian BTR M78 suffers from rapid clutch wear – sometimes it affects up to 50-60 thousand km. If no action is taken, wear products will destroy everything else: oil pump, planetary gearbox, solenoids. For iron, the box can withstand more than 250,000 km.

A five-speed ZF – aka Mercedes-Benz 722.6 – with a good reputation and an equally worthy source. Nevertheless, failure of the control unit and leakage are possible, including the ingress of coolant into the oil.

Three different transmissions are available: permanent four-wheel drive (AWD), auto-connected (TOD), and wired (part-time). The AWD option, with no lock, is more likely for asphalt. Part-time has a weak link – “hubs”, front wheel clutches that fail on low runs. TOD is considered the most reliable option; it is also very suitable for off-road use.

The survivability of handouts, bearings, gearboxes is highly dependent on the frequency of trips into mud and snowdrifts. The crosses of the cardan shafts must be injected.

operational ulcers

  • Some suspension elements are downright weak when using Rexton in harsh conditions. These include lower ball joints, rear axle bearings, stabilizer bushings, tie rod ends.
  • Many nodes with few resources have been identified: the ABS unit can fail, the pipes and expansion tank burst, the parking brake cables quickly turn sour, the power steering is leaking.
  • Large list of electrical complaints. In the first place – burning light bulbs, and not just low beam. The contacts become acidic and the harnesses fray, which disrupts the operation of the seat heating, various relays, electric windows, immobilizer, sensors that ensure the operation of the climate control. After washing, the signals on the instrument panel or, for example, the interior lighting may come on.

Euro NCAP: not tested

The most massive offering: Rexton 2.7D automatic transmission

Optimal choice: Rexton 2.7D manual gearbox

For the same money: Chevrolet Captiva, Ford Kuga, Kia Sportage 2, Nissan Qashqai 1

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  • “Behind the wheel” can also be read in Yandex.Zen.

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