Found “Chinese” up to 1 million rubles and with an excellent reputation

As Chinese brands set new records in the new car market, not every brand from the heavenly realm can get along among used cars with a reputation tarnished immediately after their arrival to Russia.

Meanwhile, if you look closely, you can already find several Chinese crossovers that, with prolonged use, are in no way inferior to the “Europeans” or the “Japanese”.

Sergei Zinoviev talks extensively about such machines in his new review. One of the most affordable options he found is Chery Tiggo 5, which you can’t call too big, but it’s very possible to be quite successful.

Found it

It is devoid of many of the shortcomings of a “typical Chinese” car. True, the image is somewhat spoiled by careless editing in Cherkessk.

The only engine – a petrol-priming SQR484F 2.0 (139 hp) of our own design – is very successful, the owners have no complaints about it. As with the 5-speed manual transmission, also Chery’s own design.

Found it

Found it

The QR019CHA variator was developed by the Chinese with Jatco in mind and the safety margin of the device proved to be high. True, only to a run of 100-120 thousand km … Problems can also come from air conditioning, parking sensors, a rear view camera and … a shortage of spare parts.

But machines with mechanics are generally very reliable and rust only slightly faster than the norm – unlike some other “compatriots” … In general, a normal car for its money: 2014-2016 crossovers. with a range of 50-150 thousand km are now offered at prices ranging from 700 thousand to one million rubles.

But this isn’t the only great Chinese crossover with miles – we’ve found a whopping five!

  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

Source: Z R


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