The recycling program resumes and the discount on cars is increased

The state recycling program that was in force in 2010-2018, when it was possible to get a discount on the purchase of a new car, after the old one was handed in for processing, is supposed to be resumed, the company has proposed parameters for its improvement , writes Izvestia.

The association believes that it is necessary to increase the discount from 50 thousand rubles to 150 thousand – such a proposal was sent to the Ministry of Industry and Trade as one of the measures to support domestic industry.

They propose to establish a register of car recyclers with the National Office, so that recycling is possible in several ways – through a car dealer, a special waste disposal company and specialized associations.

There should be fines for recycling machines in unlicensed companies. This will help to establish and fill the recycling industry and increase the scrap collection of old cars.

The proposed measures will support the car industry, buyers, scrap processors and metal producers, which is especially important in the current economic situation, the association believes.

Source: Z R


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