The court recognized electric scooters as a means of transport

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation recognized the provision of the traffic regulations, which allows the classification of electric scooters as vehicles, as legal, RAPSI writes, referring to the file.

Plaintiff Chepechyan was involved in an accident: he collided with an electric scooter when turning left and as a result of the accident the driver of the scooter was killed, a criminal case was started.

The investigator initiated an automotive forensic investigation and concluded that the electric scooter was classified as a mechanical vehicle.

Chepechyan demanded the exclusion of this conclusion from the text of the resolution, stating in the lawsuit that only those vehicles requiring a driver’s license should be classified as vehicles.

The court recalled that the definition of a vehicle in Section 2 of the federal “On Road Safety” law does not include a list of such devices. However, all vehicles have certain technical characteristics – engine power, maximum design speed, and they have a common goal – to transport people, goods or equipment by road.

However, drivers of electric scooters have not yet been designated as a separate category of road users by traffic regulations. But this is being worked on.

Chepechyan thought this was unfair, because citizens on roller skates or regular scooters are equated with pedestrians. But the Supreme Court disagreed. The motivational part of this Supreme Court ruling has not yet been published.

Lawyers explained to that classifying an electric scooter as a vehicle is a “forced and necessary measure”. Otherwise, it would be difficult to apply Article 1079 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, which gives the right to compensation for damage to health and life caused by a collision with a vehicle, regardless of whether the driver was at fault or not.

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